Ekstremsportveko 2019 -

Ekstremsportveko 2019

8:00am 24 Jun - 10:00pm 01 Jul, 2019

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Voss, Norway

Ekstremsportveko the ultimate ‘Extreme Sports Week’

Every year a small village in Norway called Voss becomes a hot destination for extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Ekstremsportveko means “Extreme Sports Week” and this seven-day festival is one of the most exciting extreme sports events on the planet.

What Happens at Ekstremsportveko?

During this week-long event visitors from many different countries come to remote and beautiful Voss to take part in amateur and pro tournaments in a range of extreme sports including paragliding, white water kayaking, base jumping and mountain skiing. There are also various competitions in rafting, climbing, hang gliding and even sky-diving. It’s free to watch the various sporting activities, so this is a great opportunity to see some truly impressive athletes in a gorgeous setting in Norway.

Check out the highlights from Extreme Week 2017 below:

If you are not an athlete and don’t plan on competing in the events, you can sign up for the “Try It” programs and give these extreme sports a try. They have created a safe environment for you to try things so that you don’t have to have any experience. The program is very popular, so make sure that you book the sports you want to try as early as possible. Or, you can just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere and the excellent free concerts and live performances.

Sports on offer at Ekstremsportveko

Mountain Biking, Bouldering, Longboarding, MTB/BMX Dirt Jump, BikeTrail, and Skateboarding.

Paragliding, Base, Hanggliding, Skydiving, Speedflying and Wind Tunnel.

Kayaking, Big Air, Freeride, Rafting, TA Sjansen I Vangesen, Lokst Utove.

The Honerable Citizen of Voss, Horgi Ned and Vossakrigar

Festival at Ekstremsportveko

There will be a number of local and international bands and DJ’s taking the stage during the week. Come along and party in the lounge or chill out during a movie night.

Head to the website for the latest news and videos on www.ekstremsportveko.com

For more information check out our tips for attending Ekstremsportveko – Extreme Sports Week in Norway

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