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4:00pm 29 May - 11:30pm 02 Jun, 2024
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Copenhagen, Denmark

Distortion Copenhagen 2024: Orchestrated Chaos in the Capital

Distortion Copenhagen is a week of musical madness that sprawls through the streets and clubs of Denmark’s capital city and is considered one of the best festivals in June from around the world. Beginning as an underground appreciation of music and art, the huge festival now hosts around 100,000 people per day and is one of Copenhagen’s biggest cultural celebrations.

The festival comprises of three different sections: Distortion, Distortion Club and Distortion Ø.

Distortion is the main street party festival which runs daily (4pm-10pm) for five days, showcasing both new and much-loved performers. The whole city enjoys a friendly, festival vibe with pop-up restaurants, workshops and music stages combining to create a chaotic yet cathartic event.

Distortion Club is the modern club/dance section of the festival held in nightclubs and other quirky venues (think: swimming pools, museums, warehouses and more) around the city. This part of the festival attracts a younger crowd drinking, dancing and discovering new music.

Distortion Ø is considered the pinnacle of the event, a two-day closing party featuring a whole host of brand-new electronic music which is likely to be revered worldwide in years to come. This final event is held across the water at the Copenhagen Harbour with 6-10 labyrinthine dance floors where festivalgoers can dance the nights away to hip-hop, house, techno and grime.

‘Now in its third decade, Copenhagen Distortion is one of Europe’s biggest, wildest and most unique festivals.’

Photo credit: Mantas Hesthaven

Copenhagen Distortion also ticks the boxes of environmentally-friendly festivalgoers thanks to the Gadearmbånd, a 100kr wristband which helps cover the cost of street cleaning after the event.

As you might expect with a Scandinavian festival, Copenhagen Distortion ends with a day of Hygge on the Sunday. Chill-out in nature and open-air while listening to DJs play some tranquil tunes to help you unwind.

Where to view Distortion Copenhagen

The rambling layout of Copenhagen Distortion means that gigs and performances can be witnessed throughout the city. The info section of the Copenhagen Distortion website features three street-party maps to help you plan your festival schedule.

Distortion Club events are held in some of the city’s best electronic music venues such as Culture Box, Rust and Vega.

A Distortion Ø map of the harbourside venues can also be found on the above website closer to the event.

Distortion Copenhagen 2024 Schedule

Street Party at Nørrebro on May 30
Street Party at Vesterbro on June 31
Distortion Ø at Refshaleøen on June 1-2

How to get around Copenhagen

All of the Copenhagen Distortion performances can be accessed on foot whilst in the city and the best way to move from one to another is simply to dance and roam your way through the bustling streets.

Copenhagen pretty much becomes a car-free-zone during this period anyway so it’s quickest to get around on foot or bicycle.

Photo credit: Mantas Hesthaven

Where to stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is home to a huge range of hotels, hostels and apartments for hire during Distortion. You can easily stay anywhere within the city and get around. Be aware that some places will be loud throughout the day and night thanks to the festival. If you’re planning on having a day off you may want to stay further out.

Camping is also an option during Copenhagen Distortion. A campsite is set up right next to the Distortion Ø location. You’ll be perfectly placed to crawl to bed after the night’s festivities. The site is also only one minute from bus and boat shuttles which will take you back to Copenhagen central for the daytime activities.

Take a look at the map below to find hotels and rental apartments that are conveniently located for Copenhagen Distortion.

Things to do in Copenhagen

You’ll probably spend your mornings sleeping in before heading out to grab a coffee and a cinnamon bun to set you up for the day.

Distortion events start in the city at 4pm before continuing long into the night with Distortion Club events and the Distortion Ø extravaganza.

Distortion Copenhagen 2024 Dates

The next Copenhagen Distortion festival will take place on May 29 – June 2, 2024. 

Denmark Travel Tips:

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Accommodation near Distortion Copenhagen 2024

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