Carnival in Sao Paulo 2020 -

Carnival in Sao Paulo 2020

10:00am 21 Feb - 10:00pm 26 Feb, 2020
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Carnival in Sao Paulo 2020: Experience the Brazilian Carnival Magic

Sao Paolo is one of the most vibrant carnival events in the world. Drawing in millions of spectators and supporters from all over the world, Carnival in Sao Paulo is the second largest carnival in Brazil, coming in just behind the rival celebration in Rio; and one of the biggest and best carnivals in the world. 

“Samba your way into a Sao Paulo Carnival Parade”

Sao Paulo is the country’s biggest city and the carnival reflects its size, taking the title as the most diverse carnival. Carnival celebrations begin on Friday and continue until Tuesday. One of the main attractions of the carnival is the Samba. Sao Paulo is known for its unique Samba style known as ‘samba do trabalho’, with a distinct, heavier percussion rhythm. The Grande Otelo Gymnasium Complex has been the heart of Sao Paulo’s carnival celebrations since 1991. Home to Sambadrome’s Carnival Magic, the lavish spectacle showcases thirteen samba schools and two afoxe groups; who compete in front of judges for the champion’s title. Street parades also take place throughout the streets of Sao Paulo. Some of the biggest parties take place in the neighbourhood of Bixiga. 

Where to view Sao Paulo Carnival

Sao Paulo Carnival takes place in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Celebrations and festivities take place throughout the entire city, with parades and processions carried out throughout the main streets; and other events taking place at a range of venues such as the Grande Otelo Gymnasium Complex. 

How to get around Sao Paulo

The city of Sao Paulo features two major airports; Guarulhos International Airport and Congonhas Airport. Guarulhos is the larger of the two airports and is located approximately 25km northeast of the city centre. Congonhas is slightly smaller but significantly closer, located around 10km south of the city centre. Most major airlines operate domestic and international flights throughout both airports.

The city offers an extensive public transport service, making it easy to get around. Sao Paolo’s public transport system is made up of over 16,000 buses, as well as 178 metro stations. The Sao Paulo Metropolitan Transport Network is the largest rail transport system in Latin America. You can also find Taxi’s and Ubers readily available throughout the city; however, to ensure safety and legitimacy, it is recommended to order rides via apps such as Cabify and EasyTaxi.

Where to stay in Sao Paulo

The city of Sao Paulo offers a range of accommodation options. Recommended neighbourhoods to stay in include Bela Vista, Bixiga, Santa Ifigenia and Jardins. Popular nearby hotels include Hotel Carrão, H3 Hotel Paulista and Central Plaza Flat.

You can also find heaps of Airbnb’s  around Sao Paulo’s city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods. You can explore all the nearby accommodation options on the map below.

Things to do in Sao Paulo

The city of Sao Paulo offers a variety of things to see and do. The vibrant and financial centre of Brazil is one of the most populous cities in the world. You can find everything from parks, museums, theatres, historical attractions and more. Popular historical architectural destinations include the Altino Arantes Building, the Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo and the Sao Paulo Cathedral.

Located in the heart of the city, you can find Paulista Avenue, a bustling street known for its museum, cultural institutions and shopping malls. You can explore a range of popular museums such as the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand and the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art. For a more relaxed outdoor experience, you can explore countless parks and gardens. One of the most popular parts is Villa-Lobos State Park, a city park, which features more than 35,000 trees, walking and running trails, picnic areas and more. Pico do Jaragua and Parque Estadual da Cantareira also feature hiking trails, mountains and urban forests.

Carnival in Sao Paulo 2020 Dates

Sao Paulo Carnival will take place from February 21-26, 2020. 

There are loads of Carnivals to check out in Brazil such as the world famous Rio Carnival and Carnaval Salvador


Accommodation near Carnival in Sao Paulo 2020

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