Beat Herder Festival 2023

9:00am 13 Jul - 11:30pm 16 Jul, 2023

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Ribble Valley, Sawley, Lancashire

Dance in the colourful storm of music at Lancashire’s Beat Herder Festival 2023

This isn’t just any old festival. This is an actual community, a crazy magical community. Beat-Herder have earned themselves the reputation of being the “evolution” of festivals. Every year they bring it bigger and better. The constant expansion and upgrades are what draws people back time after time, along with the fact that there are awesome music sets and about two countries worth of drink.

The creativity that’s seen on every blade of grass is on a whole other level, with a team of people behind the scenes working flat out to bring a new wildly different, colourful theme to every year. Hand-painted, hand-nailed, heads banged, and so many splinters. Even the toughest of creatures would shed a tear, this festival is built from a lot of love and those crazy visions that started off as dreams.

With the number of stages growing year by year Beat Herder Festival can definitely offer something for everyone. This time around it looks like this 3-day event is going to feature 21 stages from a full-blown rave in the woods to a blowout in a fortress.

How To to Beat Herder Festival

Snuggled deep into Lancashire’s Ribble Valley on Dockber Farm is where you can find this enchanting festival. This 3-day event begins on the 13th of July this year and runs until the 15th with ticket options galore to suit every possible need.

Prices start from £110 for the full weekend with the option of a £60 permit to bring your caravan along.

If partying in your own filth for three days doesn’t appeal to you, Beat Herder Festival also offers a “snooty glamping” experience where you get separate access to your tent with a full-sized bed and furnishings included. This section offers a top-notch shower block, snazzy VIP festival toilets, and entry to the pamper parlour.

Now, of course, service like that in the middle of a valley amidst a festival is going to cost you. Prices start from £520 for a two-person glamping spot right the way up to £830 for an 8-sleeper.

How to get around Lancashire

As are most counties in the United Kingdom, Lancashire is effectively connected with local transport. Trains and buses run to almost all major cities in England, Scotland, and Wales with just a 2hour train journey to London and Glasgow.

With its picturesque countryside, you will probably find that walking around the local area has a lot more to offer. Transport to the Beat Herder festival is as easy as jumping on a bus or heading over to Facebook you will find groups offering a car share connection.

Where to stay in Lancashire

Embracing the scenery Lancashire has to offer, there’s a large range of campsites and glamping experiences both lakeside and rural.

If that doesn’t pique your interest there are many luxury hotels, self-catered cottages, and traditional bed and breakfasts located all over Lancashire to choose from. Check out some of the best options below.

Things to do in Lancashire

Lancashire is bursting with culture and offers a vast range of activities from adventure climbing to a day on the farm, there’s something to suit everyone.

Visiting historical ruins and catching a performance at the local theatre is ideal for those wanting to delve into the county’s past. Lancashire is home to the world’s largest indoor waterpark so even if the weather doesn’t hold out, you can still enjoy a splash around during your stay.

Beat Herder 2023 Dates

This year the Beat Herder festival commences on Friday, July 13 with entertainment starting around 4 pm. The festival comes to a close on Sunday, July 16, 2023. 

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