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Rad Things To Do In France During Euro 2016

If you’re currently in France right now for the Euros and fancy a little break from all things ball related, then why not take a quick read of this article and do something else. It might not be the main reason you travelled to France but it will definitely give you something else to brag about this summer.

Starting at the top of the country, you’ve got Lille. Now, Lille is quite a beautiful place littered with museums, incredible architecture and the number one rated thing to do in Lille (according to Trip Advisor) – Room Escape Games. But what we suggest is to take a little trip to Belgium. You’re right next to the border and Belgium has some incredible countryside and culture to partake in.

Right next to Lille is the small town of Lens. There’s not too much to do here due to the size of the place and with the amount of football going on at this time, it might be worth going to Lille! It’s not too far from Lens and has a lot more to do. If you’re not interested in that, then maybe take a drive to the national park next to Valenciennes.

There are two stadiums in Paris that are hosting games for Euro 2016 but we’re not going to list out things you can do in Paris if you don’t want to be around any more football than you would like to. If you can’t find anything else to do in the capital of Fashion and a hub of pure culture, then maybe you don’t need our help, you need something more professional.

Paris, sunset panorama from top of Notre Dame cathedral. Photo: Flickr Moyan Brenn

When it comes to Lyon and St. Etienne, both places are beautiful and full of culture with many things within those places to do. However, from us here at Rad Season, we would say to you to head to Geneva in Switzerland, which isn’t too far, and do one of two things. Number one – head to Lake Geneva. It’s beautiful. Just insanely pretty. Not a fan of looking at lakes but more of an adrenaline junky, then head to the mountains! The alps aren’t too far away and you can easily get a coach transfer so you can get some mountain biking in. The mountains are open all year round and perfect for hot dusty shredding.

Looking at the south-east of France, you’re looking at Marseille and Nice. The amount of surf all the way along that south-eastern coast is dumbfounding. It’s a great place to surf with some great weather and at this time of year there’s probably few places better. If you’re a bit of a petrol-head, and you’re in Nice, why not go to Monte Carlo? You can drive the roads that Lewis Hamilton and co. take on in the Monaco Grand Prix. Personally, we wouldn’t buy anything there as we couldn’t afford it but it is bloody lovely to look at!

Monaco F1 Grand Prix – 2016. Photo: Flickr Matthew Lamb

Last but not least is the south-west, holding Toulouse and Bordeaux. Both great cities with Rad Season leaning more towards Bordeaux than Toulouse. Why, you ask? Wine. Lovely, lovely wine. Bordeaux is broken into two separate places that produce different wines. You’ll drink some of the best Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon you’ve ever tasted.

Wine aside, the best thing you can do if you’re here, or in Toulouse for that matter, is head to Biarritz. It’s an iconic surf spot with beautiful beaches, incredible weather and great waves.

Those are the tips we’ve got for you if you’re in France for Euro 2016 and near a stadium. If you’ve got any tips of your own, write to us, comment below or attach it to a carrier pigeon.

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