5 Of The Best Electronic Music Boat Cruises In The World

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Music Festivals On A Cruise Ship

Summer is coming for most of the world, and while for many, that means the start of festival season, for us at Rad Season it means the beginning of planning for this year’s and next year’s antics.

What could be better than 3 or 4 days dancing in a field? Well, spending that time on a giant cruise ship, raving alongside the DJs both on and off the stage, for starters. Boat Cruises are a next level festival experience, and for fans of electronic music, there are a few you absolutely must check out:

1. Holy Ship!

Taking off from the coastline of Miami, Holy Ship! Sets sail to the Bahamas for 3 days/nights.

In addition to seeing your favorite DJs perform, the cruise puts on a series of events –from yoga to a poker tournament- that create all the more opportunities for you to interact with your favorite artists off stage, too.

Dates: January
Location: Sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida to Bahamas
Website: Holy Ship!

2. Groove Cruise

Arguably one of the biggest and oldest boat cruises out there, this ship also sets sail from Miami but it’s destination could very well be a surprise. Last year they went to the Bahamas.

One thing’s for certain, you will be raging for 96 hours straight on board. About 70% of Groove Cruise attendees return year after year, so you can definitely expect to form a seafaring family. Bonus points: attend the West Coast edition for more groovin’…the San Diego to Mexico Groove Cruise creates an entirely different ambiance.

Dates: January
Location: Sailing from Miami to Costa Maya, Mexico
Website: Groove Cruise

3. Shipsomnia

This one’s often dubbed “The Tomorrowland of the Sea” and it’s packed with 5 days of dancing. Last year it sailed from Barcelona to Ibiza.

From a range of DJs to onboard activities, Shipsomnia brings the same amped up booze cruise raving festival ambiance..but with a twist. Partial proceeds from ticket sales are donated to non-profits that support ocean conservation. Plus, Shipsomnia has an epic ball every year where attendees don outfits that rival even the wardrobe of all fashionistas of Burning Man.

Dates: TBA
Location: Stay tuned for an all new chapter, coming soon!
Website: Shipsomnia

4. The Vibes Are High

Want the boat experience but don’t have a lot of time? The Vibes Are High brings the nautical nonsense to New York City residents for one night before the backdrop of the city that never sleeps.

The outdoor roof stage and bar will keep the party afloat all evening… With acts such as Cristian Arango, Diego Garcia, LUQUEZ b2b CUELLAR and more we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Dates: April
Location: New York City

5. The Ark Cruise

Not a newcomer anymore, the Ark Cruse sets out on its third voyage boasting stages from Ministry of Sound, Faithless (DJ set) and others. The next voyage is taking off in May in Venice heading to Koper, Zadar and back to Venice.

Dates: May
Locations: Venice
Website: The Ark Cruise

So there you have it. These are the festivals on circuit for 2019 into 2020, though a few more could certainly pop up at anytime. Many have tried (and failed) to stay relevant, with the Mad Decent Boat Party being one such flop. Others have been around for a decade, artfully mastering the detox-retox cycle that festival goers have come to love at sea.

Feature image credit: Holy Ship!

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