El Palmar Surf and Skate Camp in Southern Spain

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Join a Hidden Spanish Skate and Surf Community

Homies Surf and Skate is a shorefront community business in El Palmar, Vejer del la Frontera, in South-Western Andalusia, Spain.

This is a very different Spain from the concrete coastal sprawl of the Med; hidden by geography, perhaps, or half-forgotten – and long may it remain so. This is where Spanish people come to holiday internally within their own country and it is gloriously minimal in terms of what we euphemistically describe as development.

Every year Homies hosts a skate contest which is free to attend and draws entrants from across Spain in search of a tanking weekend of only upful vibes, something the Spanish do better than most.

Homies Mini Ramp

Their mini ramp sits nestled between the shop and rental cabin right on the shoreline of the El Palmar beach, a 4-foot IOU construction with a 5 foot extension on one side making for an absolutely ideal, universally accessible set-up which anyone with a little transition experience can find flow on instantly.

To be clear, this is not a huge event, nor does it plan to become one.

The owners of Homies sit in a happy groove between success and not wishing to domineer the shorefront and so the contest offers only rudimentary seating arrangements and not too much by way of fanfare because it doesn’t need it.

Having grown organically over the last handful of years, the event now draws skaters from the owner’s extended network of friends within the Spanish skate community, but they are always eager to internationalise things somewhat and retain not only their own surf house 50 metres from the beachfront ramp, but also connections to several other rentable properties within the El Palmar locale.

El Palmar Surf

El Palmar surf itself is something of a secret hotspot, due south from the established breaks of Portugal and warmer for longer as a result. The town consists of no more than a couple of dozen local businesses stretched out along miles of endless beach just above the Trafalgar lighthouse which itself is a landmark well known to windsurfers around the world due to its proximity to the world-famous Tarifa spot, and the charmingly bohemian hippy enclave of Canos De Meca only a few miles distant.

With provisional dates for the 2018 Pro/ Am skate contest looking like September – when the weather is optimal but the crowds have drifted off – our best advice is to give them a follow on social media but book to visit regardless.

It really is a place apart.

Get a sense of what to expect from this teaser clip of previous years!

Homies Surf House:

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