Christmas Gifts for the Adrenaline Junkie

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Adrenaline-fueled Christmas Gifts

You’re ticking the names off the list (and checking it twice) and you’ve hit a snag. No amount of decorative mugs, hand towels, board games or chocolate are going to satiate the merry needs of this particular family member. The reckloose Uncle, the nutty old man, the thrillseekin’ Aunty with a penchant for high-lining. Could even be your own better half.

Either way, every family’s got one – that hard-to-buy-for one-of-a-kind that won’t settle for a humdrum offering. This Christmas, give them the gift of experience. And make it a dead-defying, adrenaline-charged one.

1. 7000-Foot Tandem

Told your loved one more than a few times that you’d like nothing more than to throw them out of a plane? Spend your Christmas dollar wisely this year, and have someone else do that for you.

A 7km-high tandem sky dive could be exactly what the Christmas gifts doctor ordered, replete with mind-numbing 40 second free-fall, unrivalled views, and adrenaline cocktail to keep their thrill needs well satiated.

2. Ultimate Stunt Driving

Two are better than four Stunt driving Photo: weekendnotes

Send your nearest and dearest on a car-bound hell ride, with an ultimate stunt driving package.

After all those Lethal Weapons, Rush Hours. Bad Boys and Blues Brothers sessions, they’ll finally be able to (legally) bust out some fat doughies, drifts, handbrakes and J’s – just like on the silver screen. A Christmas well gifted.

3. Powerboating

If your gift-target happens to be the water-faring type, and just so happens to possess an insatiable need for speed, look no further than a sturdy afternoon powerboating session. Plant them on a turbo charged speed vessel and let the fast times roll, to the tune of whizzing air and 130mph screams.

4. Squirrel Colugo

Squirrel Colugo Photo:

If your loved one is the ultimate individual and prefers to keep their base-jumping solo, unsupervised, on their own terms, consider picking them up a Squirrel Colugo 2 WingSuit.

This neat blue prototype has been tested and vetted at the Redbull Aces Wingsuit Race, so you know it’s good for the job. Giving the ultimate fusion of speed, power and agility, the Squirrel Colugo brings us one step closer to being Iron Man.

5. Tank Experience

Tank Experience Photo:

Let’s face it, most of us – whether the excess adrenaline-inclined or otherwise – have considered the virtues of being able to plant foot down in a military-grade tank at least once or twice in our lives.

This year, fix your loved one up with a bona fide tank experience, from your basic run of the mill tank drive, an added car crushing feature, a tank-fuelled paintball session, or full blown battle tank extravaganza.

6. Trauma Pak with QuikClot

Trauma Pak w QuikClot3. Photo:

For those who like to work hard and play hard, a little bloodshed is often par for the course. While not an ‘experience’ as such, give your loved one the convenience of effortless, in-house medical care without any pesky trips to the hospital – Trauma Pak, with QuikClot (a coagulant sponge), is the perfect remedy for mishaps in the field: an adventure medical kit that’ll sponge any mid-level blood, replete with gauzes, bandages, fracture mitigation, and a bunch of other handy injury-related necessities.

7. Extreme Event Licence

For petrolheads in Australia at least, the Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA) is now offering an Extreme Event License, a $25 golden ticket than enables the license holder to participate in as many Burnouts, Go-to-Whoas, Drag Races, Power Skids, Extreme Events and other AASA-sanctioned get-togethers as their rapidly-beating heart desires.

Keep in mind, for Circuit Sprints, Test & Tune Days, Motorcross, Khanacross, Lap Dash and Regularity events, the slightly more involved AASA Club Racing License is required.

8. FISE International Extreme Sports Festival

Get ready for FISE 2017. Photo:

France-base FISE remains the international standard for veritable extreme sports, a governing body giving adrenaline junkies one of the most sought after international extreme sport festivals on the planet.

Held for the last two decades in Montpelier, FISE, aka Festival International des Sports Extrêmes, brings together the most popular action sports under one banner: skateboard, BMX, mountain bike, wakeboard, inline skate, and more, in one colossal festive setting.

Though the festival has since expanded into a full-blown international circuit (with presence in China, Malaysia and other international hubs across Europe) the French deal is the real deal – hook up a couple of flights and take your loved one on the extreme sport pilgrimage of a lifetime.

So there you have it. If that doesn’t hit the mark, nothing else will. Have a super adrenaline-fueled Christmas from Rad Season, and an even more epic New Year.

Featured Image: Santa Skydiving. Photo: unitingcare

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Cam Hassard

Cam Hassard is an international penman, sax-wielder, and global wayfarer, originally from Melbourne, Australia, and currently living in Berlin.


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