The Best Underground Bars in Montreal, Canada

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Fully send the night away at one of these epic bars in Montreal..

Set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal provides tourists and locals some of the best nightlife, restaurants and historic feels out of any Canadian city. Its heavy nature-centered attractions such as the Montreal Biodome Botanical Garden and Mount Royal Park easily attract those looking for an incredible outdoor experience. When the sun sets, the nightlife thrives. From discos to trendy wine bars we’ve got you covered in Rad’s rendition of the ultimate guide to bars in Montreal.

Cocktails – That’s the spirit..

Kept secrets are rare to come by. Unknown bars are even more hard to find. Luckily Le 4e Mur is still relatively under wraps as the true address is only revealed to members. It is a true speakeasy literally hidden behind a brick wall. Plenty of locals have tried finding the venue without help but to no avail. Bartenders are known for asking the customer’s to order alcohol  quietly as to not attract attention. To truly find out more about the bar you can sign up to become a member on their website. Although the bar is highly secretive the thrill of trying to find this watering hole tops our list of Montreal cocktail lounges.

In the heart of the Mile End lies a cocktail lounge known as The Emerald. The front portion of the bar has a 50s Havana, Cuba feel while the back-end provides more of an upscale vibe. Cocktails heavily populate their menu providing a stylish and sophisticated feel. Previously known as Bar Sans Nom and Bar 5295, The Emerald makes its patrons feel right at home with large comfy sofas and vintage lamps. Enjoy a martini in the dimly lit ambiance as you listen to live piano playing in the background.

Le 4e Mur

Location: The address of The 4th Wall is a well-kept secret to find out more head to their website.
Opening Times: Sun 7pm – 3am. Mon closed. Tues 5pm – 3am.

The Emerald

Location: 5295 Park Ave, Montreal
Opening Times: Mon – Sun 5pm – 3am

Dive Bars in Montreal – Respect is left outside the door

Photo credit: Snack N’ Blues

Oh the beautiful memories that come about after a night of drinking at dive bars. Whether it’s just a late stop at the end of your night or your only destination for the evening, dive bars always seem to bring out the best and worst of people. If you are looking for cheap drinks and free snacks then head to Snack ‘n Blues also located on Mile End. Let the vinyls spin and eat from many of the snack bowls that populate the bar. Careful not to go in only for the food as the staff will start to hound you to buy a drink. I mean that is the point of going to bar after all. Right?

Head to the Plateau region to sip on a terrasse in a less crowded venue known as La Petite Idee Fixe. Terrasses (basically giant beers) keep you warm in the winter and refreshed during the summer. Grab a cheap 40 oz. of Labatt 50 and take to the pool tables for a night filled with dive bar vibes.

Snack ‘n Blues

Location: 5260 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal
Opening Times: Sun – Mon 9pm – 12am. Mon – Sat 9pm – 3am

La Petite Idee Fixe

Location: 4857 Park Ave, Montreal
Opening Times: Mon – Sun 10am – 3am

Beer and Wine Bars – Adult Grape Juice and Craft Brews

Photo credit: Brasserie Harricana

With a comprehensive wine list and one of the most pristine bar food menus around, Le Rouge Gorge is your destination for your next wine night. The relaxed yet sophisticated feel serves excellent vinos from the French regions. Additionally, this wine bar has an incredible atmosphere from day time to the evening with a spacious terrace and modern interior. The well-priced wine list and delicious plates to share top this bar off as a go-to Montreal watering hole.

Great tasting beer is of no shortage in Montreal with plenty of microbreweries popping up left and right. The Brasserie Harricana was actually the first bar to serve the hoppy drink out of the Flux Capacitor draft system. Although a bit more common in today’s day in age, this futuristic serving style strategically controls the temperature and carbonation for each individual draft line resulting in the perfect, ice-cold pour. There are even several sodas and kombuchas on tap!

Le Rouge Gorge

Location: 1234 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal
Opening Times: Mon – Sun 3pm – 3am

Brasserie Harricana

Location: 95 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal
Opening Times: Mon – Sun 12pm – 2am

Live Music Bars in Montreal – Lace ‘em up and get to steppin’!

Photo credit: Brutopia Brew Pub

Free live music on a weekly basis!? Yes please! The Brutopia is a craft beer drinkers dream venue where every day has a different musical performance and the beer stays cold and delicious. The beginning of the week has quieter and more intimate performances and by the weeknd, full bands rock out until the early morning. The three-level microbrewery is most known for their seasonal beers and awesome bar eats.

If you are musically inclined or just so happen to get the courage to play after day drinking, then head to Le Depanneur Cafe for your chance to shine. The unique daytime cafe offers microphones and a piano to anyone who wants to perform. Although they don’t serve alcohol, it’s a buzzin’ brunch spot serving up fine grilled cheeses. Sign up online or in person for the daily set list and take to the stage. This could be your chance at stardom… or complete embarrassment.


Location: 1219 Crescent St, Montreal
Opening Times: Sun – Weds 2pm – 3am. Thurs – Sat 12pm – 3am

Le Depanneur Cafe

Location: 206 Rue Bernard O, Montréal
Opening Times: Sun 10am – 4pm; Mon – Fri 7am – 6pm; Sat 9am – 6pm

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