4 Of The Best Restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam

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Vietnam is known for its storied food culture, and Hoi An is no exception to the rule.

If you’ve been journeying through Vietnam & asking around about the best cities for some quality food, it’s likely Hoi An has come up on more than one occasion. From hanoi to hoi an the rich culture and food of Vietnam is well known. It’s packed to near-capacity with famous local dishes & eateries, meaning you’ll be far from wanting in one of Vietnam’s most popular port cities. We could be here for days trying to list off all the spots you could go to for a soul-cleansing culinary experience, but we’ll strip it back to the four best restaurants in Hoi An we really don’t want you to miss, from the unassuming cafés to the most premiere of dining venues.

1. Miss Ly Café

Did you do any other research on Hoi An’s restaurants before clicking on this article? Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble if you didn’t (we promise), but if you did, you probably heard a bit about the legendary Miss Ly Café in other articles. There’s a reason for that.

It’s been a celebrated institution for over two decades. They offer a cozy environment, and their vast offerings of affordable & authentic fare, including white rose dumplings, grilled pork and fried wontons, have had tourists & locals alike eternally flooding in when hunger calls.

2. Banh Mi Phuong

If you have even a vague familiarity with Vietnamese cuisine, you can probably take a guess as to what this restaurant’s specialty is.

Simply described as a toasted baguette with meat and/or vegetables, patê, homemade mayonnaise & other sauces, many have tried to perfect it over the years, although many more would argue they all fall pitifully short of the standard set by Banh Mi Phuong.

Because of this, the line regularly extends well into the street. Thankfully, though, it’s known to move quicker than expected, and the hearty trophy of carbs that awaits you at the end is more than worth any inconvenience you may face on the way.

3. Mango Mango Restaurant


No, this place doesn’t specialize in mangoes, but this river-side restaurant, nestled in a popular shopping district, is easily one of the more popular dinner spots for those looking to spend a little more cash, but not too much more.

Offering a modern interpretation of beloved Vietnamese flavors, including a highly recommended duck breast embraced by five Asian spices, your view of the Thu B’ôn River & the Japanese Bridge will be accompanied by equally impressive flavors & presentation.

They’re also known for their papaya salad, along with their spicy & fruity take on tiger prawns a sure hit and one of the best restaurants in Hoi An.

4. Streets Restaurant Café

If you want your meal to help more than your tongue & belly, grab a seat at Streets. Every dollar you spend here goes towards giving an underprivileged youth in the city a quality culinary education, keeping them off the streets & offering them lessons that’ll allow them to provide for themselves and their families.

What’s even better, the food is fantastic too. Along with being known for their eclectic tasting menu and com ga, a beloved chicken & rice dish, they have quick & courteous service, and it’s fairly easy to access from almost any part of Hoi An.

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