10 Of The Best New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around The World

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Bring in the New Year right with the world’s best New Year’s Eve celebrations

Yes, home-parties or an office party might be fun with a few friends and the work crew. But when the world is at your fingertips and there is no better way to experience it than at some of the most epic parties around the globe. From astonishing firework shows to all-night raves and incredible scenic wonders, ring in the new year at one of Rad Season’s Go-To New Year’s Eve Festivals. 

1. SnowGlobe – Lake Tahoe, California

Boarding and EDM unite in 2019’s biggest party yet..

Winter sport junkies will be happy to know that one of the best NYE parties takes place on the glossiest slopes of California at Lake Tahoe. SnowGlobe is the ideal New Year’s getaway for those looking to party in a three-day event that features endless runs and the best of music today.

Headliners include Above & Beyond, Diplo and RL Grime to entice those with every type of musical flavor.

Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

2. Sydney, Australia

Waterfront fireworks and stunning bridge views..

Get there early, stake out a spot on the waterfront and prepare to be amazed. The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge reflects some of the most colorful fireworks known to man bringing in the new year right down under.

Over one million come in attendance to reserve tables at waterfront restaurants, rent out boats in the harbour or camp out at Cockatoo Island for a less hectic scenery. Check out the 10 best spots in Sydney for New Year’s.

Location: Sydney Harbour, Australia

3. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Two firework displays seen from two countries..

Although you can catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring firework displays from the U.S. or Canada, the place to be at is on the Canadian side.

Queen Victoria Park hosts an epic lineup for New Year’s Eve that keeps the party bumping all night long to the beat of two different firework shows. Incredible light shows bounce off the Niagara Gorge at midnight for quite the Instagram pic…

Location: Queen Victoria Park, Canada

4. Hong Kong, China

A light show of the ages..

When it comes to action packed LED light shows and fireworks, Hong Kong simply can not be beat. The stunning display of lights will capture the memories of many at the Victoria Harbour.

Planning ahead never hurts so get there early and a catch a theatrical show or circus performance at the Star Ferry Pier or “Tsim Sha Tsui.” Since the city will be jam-packed, think about reserving a spot at one of the many rooftop bars or restaurants for a panoramic view of the midnight show.

Location: Downtown Hong Kong, China

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Elevated views of a picture-perfect firework show..

Down on the streets visitors will have a New Year’s Eve celebration of a lifetime from the many restaurants, live music venues, dancing and array of fireworks. But if you truly want a view that you will never forget, make sure to scale Table Mountain for one of the most epic spots to view fireworks on the face of the earth.

The best part is, Cape Town is just entering summer so your New Year’s celebration will be nothing short of paradise.

Location: V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa

6. Junkanoo, Bahamas

A parade heard ‘round the islands..

Nearly every country in the Caribbean has its own flavor of Carnival, but the Bahamas may be onto something. They celebrate Junkanoo Parade on New Year’s as unbelievable parades fill the streets of Nassau, Alice Town and Freeport.

There is absolutely no shortage of celebration here as soca music, extravagant outfits and endless dancing fill the air on the last day of the year. By the end of the night, everyone heads to the beach for one the most memorable parties over the sea.

Location: Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas

7. Hogmanay, Edinburgh, Scotland

A three-day, all-out celebration..

If you’re up to a drizzly cold night filled with epic partying, Scotland is your New year’s Eve location of choice. The three-day festival in Hogmanay begins with a crowd of torch-carrying party heads who walk to Calton Hill from Parliament Square. Once they arrive, a massive firework show greets them for a preliminary round of partying.

The second act comes on the 31st where music festivals and street festivities keep your day jam-packed with entertainment. Feeling’ daring? Run with the locals on New Year’s Day during the Royal Mile, where participants dive into the River Forth in freezing temperatures. Make sure to take an extra shot of whiskey before doing so..

Location: Edinburgh’s city center, Scotland

8. New York, New York

A city bumpin’, ball dropping’ celebration..

The epitome of New Year’s celebration takes place in Times Square on a frigid New York night. There is no other way of getting the up close view than arriving there nearly a whole day in advance. Travelers around the world cluster around the busy streets under a massive tower that releases a glowing ball known as the infamous “ball drop.”

If you happen to be in the Big Apple and want to avoid the massive crowds, check out Prospect Park in Brooklyn where a splendid firework show awaits.

Location: Times Square, New York

9. Berlin, Germany

Rock out until noon the next day..

Berlin’s New Year’s famous televised party is ten folds better in person. The Party Mile district near Brandenburg Gate attracts over a million party people for a rock show of the ages. The before and after parties are just as entertaining.

The day prior, the city hosts the annual Berlin Silvesterlauf where runners flip pancakes as they race. The annual 4K New Year’s Day race is also a hit while others who just can’t get enough of the party literally go until noon from the night before.

Location: Downtown Berlin, Germany

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The place to be on New Year’s Eve without a doubt..

Rio has been crowned as one of the top party cities in the world and New Year’s only solidifies their spot on the list. World-famous Copacabana Beach hosts a packed venue for those looking to get the most action-packed firework display on the planet. Locals dress in white in an effort to bring luck into the New Year while spraying champagne throughout the crowds.

Flower pedals are thrown into the ocean to pay tribute to the sea goddess Yemanja but many are lost in the party hype. The warm beach resort will host nearly two million people in an all-out party affair filled with musical acts and breathtaking fireworks.

Location: Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Feature image credit: Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

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