Kelly Dunning

Kelly Dunning

Kelly Dunning is a freelance writer, travel blogger and digital nomad. She and her partner Lee, a web designer from Northern England, have been working remotely while backpacking around the world with no fixed address since May of 2011. Together they created, a resource of information and inspiration for other travellers.

Igloofest in Canada the coldest music festival in the world How to Have The Best Igloofest Experience Igloofest is an awesome outdoor music festival that takes place at the Old Port of Montreal in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It had its origins in 2007 and it now draws huge crowds of tens of thousands of people to this… Read More
Tips that you should know before attending Calgary Stampede The Calgary Stampede has been running since 1886 and it has grown from a small agricultural fair into one of the largest rodeos and festivals in the world. It is held every year in July and draws over a million people… Read More
WarriorDash wall climb What is Warrior Dash? The Warrior Dash is an epic race in which you will have to tackle anywhere from 10-13 obstacles over a typical Warrior Dash course distance of 5-6K. You’ll be crawling through mud, hurling yourself over walls, swinging by your arms, grunting and growling as you use… Read More
Rad Things to Do in Munich try surfing the eisbach So, you’ve headed to Munich for Oktoberfest but you need to take a break from the beer for a day and recover? Don’t worry, there are plenty other awesome things to do Munich Germany offers - other than chugging from a boot-shaped glass. In fact, Munich has a great selection… Read More
Savage Race mud bath The Savage Race is not your ordinary race - it is a challenge that pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone and push your limits. A test of your strength, dexterity, endurance and speed, this course will require you to run through mud, carry heavy objects, climb over walls,… Read More
Ekstremsportveko. Photo by Steffen Kirschner Voss in Norway comes alive for Ekstremsportveko Every year a small village in Norway called Voss becomes a hot destination for extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Ekstremsportveko means “Extreme Sports Week” and this seven-day festival is one of the most exciting extreme sports events on the planet. What Happens… Read More
Where Are the Craziest Festivals In South America? South America is vivid, colourful and bewildering. From the snowcapped Andes Mountains to the dense Amazon Jungle it is filled with stunning rugged landscapes, ancient ruins and vibrant cities and villages where rich cultural traditions are kept alive alongside modern life. And… Read More


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