Christi Walter

Christi Walter

Christi Walter is a freelance writer and editor who calls Canada home. Bit by the travel-bug at a young age, Christi is currently spending time in Japan on a holiday visa. She blogs about her forays into running, among other things, at

Waterfall Jumping: it’s the gleeful, childlike, hippie-dippy version of cliff-diving! Even better, as travel writer Tim Leffel points out, the churning water at the bottom of a fall softens the harsh smack-landing that a several-foot plunge might make. Plus, there’s the bubbly rush of being one with the falls. Here… Read More
Telluride Bluegrass Festival at Suset in Telluride, Colorado one of North America's Greatest Outdoor Music Festivals There’s nothing quite like seeing a live concert in a gorgeous outdoor setting. If you’re into the idea of a camping weekend filled with live shows and plenty of opportunity for sports/communing with nature, we’re here to help with this roundup of North America’s greatest outdoor music festivals. We’ll also… Read More
Rad Days River Rafting Kumsheen BC My fight-or-flight responses were getting a workout. My stomach was in my throat as I screamed out the countdown chant our supremely easy-going guide taught us as we tried to paddle together with all our collective might. It was my senior class trip, and we, like many graduating classes, were… Read More
Grand to Grand Ultra. North America’s Top 6 Stunning Ultra Trail runs. Photo credit- Grand to Grand Ultra There’s a reason why ultra trail runs are becoming more popular by the year. There’s something about the call of the wild that forces you out of your head, and inspires you to test your limits. Whether you’re racing through the mountains of British Columbia or the Hawaiian rainforest, an… Read More


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