Chantae Reden

Chantae Reden

Chantae Reden is a travel writer obsessed with action sports and adventure. In 2010, she set off on a surf trip dictated by weather patterns rather than guidebooks, and has not stopped traveling since. You can find more of her writing on the blog,

WHERE TO FIND THE TOUGHEST EVENTS IN THE WORLD The Toughest Events on The Planet Many people consider your run of the mill marathons, triathlons, and general adventure sport competitions to be a challenge. Others, however, need a little more pain, grit, and suffering to make any race worth their time. These athletes seek nothing but the hardest and… Read More
Unique Action Sports Festivals Unique man powered actions sports events What is it about participating in unique action sports festivals that have you combining the power of nature with the strength of your own body to do? When muscle replaces motor, and you’re forced to rely on the elements to move forward. Maybe we… Read More
The US Open of Surfing in Surf City USA Every year, upwards of 700,000 people pour into Huntington Beach to watch the world’s best surfers compete against one another in the US Open of Surfing. Named one of our top events for surf addicts. It’s an event that’s chaotic, boisterous,… Read More
What's the best surfing event to go to? Surfers are a lucky bunch. The sport is often the catalyst behind trips to exotic locations teeming with waves and scenery. Where surfers gather, fun typically follows. For the surfer always on the lookout for excitement, here are a handful of incredible… Read More


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