Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Activation Booths For Events

Bringing you closer to the fans and the fans closer to the action

Imagine being able to stand on stage with your favourite band, or sit on top of a halfpipe at the Winter Olympics. Kind of impossible right? But not with Virtual Reality (VR)!

That’s where we help. We set up VR activation booths at sporting and music events, allowing your brand to showcase this type of immersive event or sponsor content to patrons.

How does it work?

It’s simple really! Patrons put on a VR headset at the booth and can experience any immersive content that is captured by our team (event or sponsor related)

What do we provide?

– Booth set-up with your branding
– 4 x VR headsets
– 2 x staff Members to man the booth
– Crew to capture the event and liaise with organisers
– Post event content for you to upload to your marketing channels and send to media.

We can tailor a virtual reality experience to fit your requirements. Check out the examples below.

Music festival Onstage Experience: 2 minutes of content from each artists set – allowing patrons to choose what they want to view.

Partner VR Content: 2 -3 minute highlight reel of pre-event VR content filmed for the  event partner.

VR for Music Festivals

VR for Sporting Events

Get in contact

For more information on how we can help your event or brand with virtual reality get in touch with us on:

Tel: +61 28310 4611



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