8 Of The Best Bars In Jerusalem, Israel

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Looking to turn water into wine? If you’re visiting the Holy Land, there are plenty of places to do just that. (More like shekels into wine, but close enough.)

Jerusalem may be most well known for its religious sites, but its nightlife takes a close second. If strolling through the streets of the Old City left you parched, there is no need to wander the desert for 40 days and nights. Stop by one of these 8 best bars in Jerusalem for an unforgettable Israeli nightlife experience. L’chaim!

1. Gatsby Cocktail Room

Cocktail aficionados and swanky twenties style bartenders gather at Gatsby Cocktail Room for a sophisticated night of martini sipping and story telling. The elegance and bravado of the staff set this cocktail room apart from your everyday pub. Ask for a specialty drink off the menu from your bartender – you won’t regret it.

Address: Hillel St 18, Jerusalem, Israel

2. Bell Wood Bar

An English bar may seem like the last thing you’d find in Israel, but this local favorite has a hold on the hearts of tourist and locals alike. Bell Wood Bar boasts 15 beers on tap and an impressive 120 different types of whiskey. Make sure to grab a bite to eat off their delicious menu before trying each whiskey, however!

Address: Yosef Rivlin St 5, Jerusalem

3. Mike’s Place

Missing home? Stop by Mike’s Place, a sports bar with live music, an American kitchen, and cold beer. If you’re feeling brave, stop by during an open mic night and show the locals what you’ve got. With a Taco Tuesday, Ladies Night, and Happy Hour special, you’ll almost forget you left the states.

Address: Yafo St 33, Jerusalem

4. Glen whisk(e)y bar

If you can’t get enough of that sweet brown liquor, glen whisk(e)y can satisfy your craving. This cozy bar is packed with more whiskey knowledge than you could ever need. Ask your bartender for a recommendation on a local favorite, or strike up a conversation with the local whiskey experts that fill this friendly spot.

Address: Queen Shlomziyon St 18, Jerusalem

5. Hataklit Bar

Meet your new best friend at Hataklit Bar. This casual bar is known for its friendly locals and good vibes. Whether you’re looking for a quick beer or a place to set up camp for the night, the bartenders and regulars will be happy to see you.

Address: Heleni ha-Malka St 7, Jerusalem

6. Wine Bar

Indulge your senses at the Wine Bar on Azza Street. This classic wine bar is home to delicious tapas and more wine than you could ever drink. For a true taste of what Israel has to offer, try a local wine and olive pairing.

Address: Azza St 28, Jerusalem

7. Casino de Paris

Casino de Paris is a relaxed and comfortable spot for sipping wine and trying incredible Israeli cuisine. Ask for a seat on the patio so you can watch the locals pass and enjoy the sun. Make sure to try some of their decadent cheese, perfect with any glass of wine.

Address: Mahane Yehuda St 3, Jerusalem

8. Dublin Irish Pub

Stop by this gothic style bar for a taste of the Irish favorite: alcoholic beverages. With over 70 types of beers and 300 drinks, the Dublin Irish Pub is sure to have something for everyone. This bar features live music and food, a perfect combination for a good night.

Address: Shamai St 4, Jerusalem

Jerusalem has so much to offer when it comes to great drinks and food. Let us know in the comments below if you tried one of these Israeli watering holes!

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Feature image: Israeli beers. Photo credit: Henning Supertramp

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