4 Of The Best Cities To Skate In Europe

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What Are The Best Cities To Skate In Europe?

The whole of Great Britain is in uproar due to the Brexit vote. If you’re in a liberal town you’ll be seething from the fact that you are now on your way to leaving the EU. If you’re from anywhere else in the UK, you probably voted leave and you’re dead happy about it.

We have no opinion on that at Rad Season but this writer thinks everyone that voted leave made a huge mistake. That’s neither here nor there though and Rad Season wants to make you sure the opinions are all my own. But you’re all idiots.

But I digress.

With the impending disembarkment from the EU, there’s not a lot of time for the British to freely wander around Europe. However, this isn’t aimed just at the Brits. No, no. For everyone curious about the joys of Europe, oh, and for those of you that enjoy skateboarding, here are 4 of the best cities to skate in Europe whilst at the same time enjoying a bloody good holiday.

So if you want to spend some time enjoying a city for what it’s worth but at the same time get four wheels down as well, then maybe you should take a look at the advice we’re about to impart – 4 amazing places in Europe to go on holiday and skate!

London, UK.

Yes, I know that I’ve just waxed lyrical about leaving the EU and all of that, but for those of you outside of Britain, London really is a top place to go. Not only did they vote to stay in the EU and are chatting about the idea of becoming an independent state of the EU, there’s also a shit load to do there! Everyone knows about all the little gems that London holds, the shows you can go to, the food you can eat, the culture you can sample and the skating you can do.

The most famous skate spot in London has to be Southbank. It’s always been a notorious skate spot in the industry, but definitely became more well known to the general public after it was threatened to be demolished. After much campaigning, it stayed.

It continues to be one of the most iconic skate spots in the world and if you’re ever in London, pop along. You can meet some great people, have fun skating and capture some great shots.

Barcelona, Spain.

Spain is one of those places that some Europeans love to visit, and some think that it’s overrated. But then those people have never been there.

Spain holds a wonderful amount of incredible people, architecture, good food and so much more. If you’re planning a holiday with no agenda whatsoever, then Spain is a great choice, especially Barcelona. For the skateboarders out there, there’s one incredible place you must visit: MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona). Even after they redesigned the iconic ‘big four’ into a ‘big 3’, it has not dissuaded local skaters, and skaters from around Europe. It has dissuaded a few pro-skaters, but it still remains one of the best skate spots in Europe.

 Geneva, Switzerland.

Some of you will be thinking that Geneva isn’t the usual city you would think of for a little trip, unless you were flying there to then leave straight away to hit the Alps for some snowboarding. However, you’re missing a trick. Geneva is underrated when it comes to natural beauty. We all know that the alps are on the doorstep of Geneva but the picturesque village, the food and the people really make the place what it is. There’s also the unbridled beauty of Lake Geneva (which you can swim in)! Honestly it’s great.

So when it comes to skateboarding, you would think that there wouldn’t be anything there for it. And you’d be wrong.

Plainpalais is just incredible. Opened in 2012, the Plainpalais skatepark filled a hole in the skate community of Geneva. I don’t think there’s much more that I can say about it without showing you a picture.

See! Go there!

 Berlin, Germany.

The Germans are known for their engineering and when it comes to building things, you just know it will be executed pretty well. So far, I’ve been talking about single spots in a cultural city so when Berlin gets put on the board, there’s not a chance I can talk about just the one spot. Berlin holds two of the greatest spots any skateboarder could wish for.

First up – Skatehalle Berlin

What can I say about this place that hasn’t already been said by thousands of other people. It might look like a run down warehouse building with a load of graffiti on it, but inside holds so much more than that. Skateboarders from all over the world will travel to Berlin purely for this tagged warehouse. And it holds everything you could ever want.

Next up – Kulturforum

The Kulturforum is a collection of cultural buildings in Berlin, and is now a mecca for European skateboarding. It might not look like much but trust me, it’s wonderful. Plenty of open space, sloped for your pleasure, and a few rails and obstacles thrown in as well. The one thing that is loved about this place, and Germany for that matter, is that they seem to be open to the culture of skateboarding. So much so that they’ve allowed competitions on this site!

Oh, and let’s not forget how wonderful Berlin is. If you get bored of skateboarding all the time, then it’s wise to discover what else this city has to offer. It may not look like the most vibrant city in the world, but if you scratch the surface, you’ll find an ocean of culture and fun.

If you’ve tried out all of these places and have discovered something even better that you think we should know about, let us know!

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Kel Verbiest

Kel is a content manager and sports writer based on the south coast of England. When he's not typing away, you can find him in several super people watching spots.


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