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mountain biker in the bay of islands The Bay of Islands is situated in the stunning North Eastern part of New Zealand's north island, one of the most spectacular spots in the country. Famed for it's epic secluded bay, the bay of Islands consist of 150 or so islands. Tourists flock to the region and for good… Read More
Best Solar Eclipse Festivals in the US On August 21, 2017, fourteen American states will experience a once-in-a-lifetime event: a total solar eclipse. The moon will briefly shield the sun’s path, leaving the few lucky viewers in a shadowy awe. While this cosmic event may take place quite frequently in a span of 70 years, it is… Read More
best spots to run in north america A collection of the North America's greatest running spots From an early age, my ears have been accustom to the rhythmic sound of my feet repeatedly hitting the ground while running long distances. In many ways I didn't choose to be a runner, running chose me. With my long, skinny arms… Read More
Snowbombing Winter ski festival Winter ski festivals continue to grow every year as people combine their annual ski holiday with a mountain festival for a non-stop party boot camp in the snow. If you are a music festival fanatic struggling through the dark winter months then fear not. There is a new breed of… Read More
Bonnaroo Music Festival Bonnaroo is a really good time. In fact, that’s what the word “Bonnaroo” even means. It’s a Creole slang word, a nod to the festival founders’ college experience listening to rich jazz music in the southern United States. Think of it like a modern day Woodstock. This massive music… Read More
the best Summer Beer Festivals The first day of summer was June 20th, which means summer beer festivals are in full-swing. With temperatures soaring across the country, we're about to fill you in on the 10 hottest ways to cool off this summer. 1. Beerfest & Bluegrass Festival [caption id="attachment_192741" align="aligncenter" width="732"] Photo credit: Northstar California[/caption]… Read More
Paddle Out at the Quiksilver Eddie Opening Ceremony The even vibration of your car engine goes silent as you cut the ignition in a beach parking lot.  The ambiance and fluid motions of the coast seem to have a different rhythm this early in the morning. Sun rays begin to poke out over the horizon and illuminate the… Read More
island adventures in the Philippines take out a boat on sunset With the salty ocean air blowing through your hair on a crystal clear day, you look down at the turquoise waters briefly before diving into another world below. In seconds, your world is transformed to dive amongst a plethora of vibrant, live coral, sea turtles, sharks and sunken war ships.… Read More
Summer X Games Minneapolis 2017 X-Games 2017 Expects to Draw Thousands to US Bank Stadium This July Another year, another X Games, a new location. This year’s X Games is in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, MN at the newly constructed U.S. Bank Stadium – a perfect venue to host everything X Games has to… Read More
Savage Race mud bath The Savage Race is not your ordinary race - it is a challenge that pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone and push your limits. A test of your strength, dexterity, endurance and speed, this course will require you to run through mud, carry heavy objects, climb over walls,… Read More


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