10 Rad National Day Celebrations Around the Globe

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Celebrate your country’s National Day in a culturally unique way!

There is absolutely nothing like independence. Whether you are in your early 20s living on your own or an entire country cutting off ties to the motherland for good, independence is quite an unmatched feeling. It also calls for a massive celebration. Check out how other countries celebrate their independence in Rad Season’s 10 National Day Celebrations around the Globe.

1. Hari Kemerdekaan – Indonesia

Photo credit: Ineke Hans

The end of Dutch colonization for over 300 years..

Hari Kemerdekaan is full of incredible festival celebrations including parades, fireworks and the infamous game of Panjat Pinang. The contest features young-men participating in a pole-climbing showdown where winners score a variety of prizes on wheels at the summit. The inspiring sight showcases death-defying heights and a memory that will last a lifetime.

Date: August 17

2. Independence Day – India

Photo credit: whatsuplife

60 years without British Rule and counting..

India, one of the newly independent countries in recent times, gained freedom from British ruling in 1947. Patriotic songs and flag-waving fill the streets but the real unique part of this country’s celebration takes place in the sky. Colorful kites populate the sky and competition takes place in India’s National Day with whose kite is the strongest and longest lasting. Plenty of scrumptious Indian dishes are available to locals and tourists alike.

Date: August 15

3. Freedom Day – South Africa

Photo credit: RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP/Getty Images

Mandela is forever enshrined..

Political leader and philanthropist Nelson Mandela was elected in 1994 as South Africa’s President. The date would go down in history as it was the country’s first free election, subsequently inspiring revolutionary political changes. Roasted melts and incredible eats are prepared in a country-wide celebration in the spring of every year.

Date: April 27

4. Bastille Day – France

Photo credit: Joe deSousa

A national party parade of the ages..

Royal tyranny is no more in France and the country definitely makes sure everyone knows Bastille Day. The summer day is started by a military parade on Champs-Elysees which has influenced many independence day celebrations in other countries. The fireworks are outstanding and tradition runs rampant. Make sure to attend one of the Firemen’s galas where fire stations open up to the public for endless drinking and dancing. You will not be disappointed!

Date: July 14

5. Australia Day, Australia

Photo credit: Australia Day Vic

Surf, BBQ and relax.. 

Very similar to the Fourth of July, Australia throws an independence day bash worth all of your time. Family gatherings, picnics and barbeques await those looking to have a great time. Major cities put their own flare to the celebration. Sydney commences their infamous boat races, Perth puts on a great firework show and Melbourne holds the annual People’s March. No matter where you go, music, food and fun await.

Date: January 26

6. Dia de la Independencia – Mexico

Photo credit: Red Capital Mx

No it is not Cinco de Mayo..

The often misconstrued day of independence for the country of Mexico takes place in the middle of September commemorating the Grito de Dolores (battle cry of the war). Parades, concerts and all-types of parties fill the city streets but the epicentre of it all takes place in Mexico City. Zocalo, the city square, hosts half a million people in a tradition of patriotism and awesome firework displays.

Date: September 16

7. Araw ng Kalayaan – Philippines

Photo credit: americaninquirer

Family first under one country..

This amazing national celebration leans heavily on family bonding. Plenty of music and traditional Filipino dishes memorialize the day when the country declared independence from Spanish rule. Interesting enough, the Filipino community reaches everywhere across the globe. Many major cities such as New York, celebrate the national holiday with a Philippine Independence Day Parade, boasting plenty of floats, music and loads of food.

Date: June 2

8. Flag Day – Ukraine

Photo credit: AFP

Tradition, culture and pride..

Traditional Ukraine costumes are worn by locals, who line the streets in a two-day celebration at the end of summer. The events commence on August 23rd and go until the 25th, where the celebration takes to the nation’s capital at the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Shop local crafts before stopping by Etnovyr, which is the annual folklore festival. Street foods and engaging exhibitions await those willing to travel.

Dates: August 23-25

9. Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel

Photo credit: My Jewish Learning

A torch-lit ceremony celebrating deep historic culture..

The official celebration takes place on Mount Herzl where a ceremonial lighting of 12 torches are lit, symbolizing the original 12 tribes of Israel. Countless concerts, prayers and gatherings kick off a day that memorializes the end of British rule over their territory. An International Bible Quiz in Jerusalem is a popular event that features high school students battling it out over memorization of sacred verses.

Date: May 8

10. Independence Day – United States

Photo credit: Stuy Town

Let freedom ring!

Independence Day in the United States celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which stated that the 13 American colonies regarded themselves as free states to British rule. An epic array of parades, fireworks, BBQs, baseball games and family reunions can be found around the country. The U.S. also has plenty of Fourth of July festivals to celebrate the national holiday.

Date: July 4

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