Rad Stay: 10 Of The Best Hostels In The World

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From playing host to extreme sports to getting off the beaten path or sleeping in quirky venues, these 10 hostels will add a whole new layer to your sense of adventure. If you’re planning your next trip, give these unique hostels a try. And if you’re not, yet – one look at how cool they are may motivate you to start! Here’s our pick for the Best Hostels In The World.

1. Jailhouse Accommodation in Christchurch, NZ

Adventure seekers will get a thrill out of sleeping in an old jail. They’ve converted the facilities to include a tv lounge and quite a big kitchen, but the stark white walls remain as a startling reminder of the old inhabitants of every “dorm” room.

Photo credit: Olivia Poglianich

2. Casa Elemento in Minca, Colombia

Want to relax after a day in the jungle at the world’s largest hammock? This remote Colombian hostel is the spot! They even have beds made with pine needles from the surrounding Amazonian trees.

Photo credit: Alexandre Fantie

3) Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden

It’s just like a fancy first class flight – except you’re firmly planted on the ground. And you don’t have to pay thousands. Jumbo Stay is Stockholm’s first Boeing 747 turned hostel experience.

Photo credit: HostelWorld

4) Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Skateboarding fans will love this hostel. The walls are adorned with a mini skateboard museum and the common room even has a half pipe. Plus, you can skate your way right outside to one of Barcelona’s best neighborhoods for skateboarding.

Photo credit: Sant Jordi Hostels

5) Railway Square YHA in Sydney, Australia

Right in the heart of Sydney’s bustling backpacker district, you can sleep in an old train car. The best part is that it’s located right in Central Station, the city’s biggest travel hub.

Photo credit: HostelWorld

6) Kadir’s TreeHouse in Olympos, Turkey

Whether you come here to relax on the beach and escape the tourist trail of Turkey or to get closer to the ancient ruins, Kadir’s TreeHouse is a great and quirky basepoint made amongst the trees.

Photo credit: HostelWorld

7) Firehouse Hostel in Austin, Texas, USA

Located just a stone’s throw away from Austin’s 6th Street nightlife crowd favorite, this hostel is an old firehouse built in 1885.

Photo credit: HostelWorld

8) Rock Solid Backpackers in Rotorura, New Zealand

There aren’t very many hostels around the world that have a giant rock climbing wall, but luckily, this one on New Zealand’s north island can boast a 17 meter high wall. It’s also located in a city with luging and the only place in the world where you can try out zorbing.

Photo credit: HostelWorld

9) Cascada Verde in Uvita, Costa Rica

It’s an open air treehouse in the jungle. Better yet, there’s a waterfall right nextdoor. What more could you want? Submerge yourself in nature at the Marino Ballena national park, located right by this treehouse oasis.

Photo credit: HostelWorld

10) ArkaBarka in Belgrade, Serbia

This hostel is a floating home on the Daunbe River. It includes a free sauna and at night the bar becomes a popular spot along the river circuit that many locals and tourists frequent.

Photo credit: HostelWorld

That’s it folks our run down of some of the best hostels in the world that will guarantee to show you a good time on your travels. Let us know what are some of your favorites hostels in the comments below.

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Feature image credit: Casa Elemento

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Olivia lives and works in NYC, living the Mad Men life with a day job in advertising. She’s also an avid travel blogger and adventurous eater – trying any and every ethnic restaurant she can get to, plus the weirdest foods she can find. So far she’s had grasshoppers, rat, snake and zebra to name a few. You can read about her adventures and travel tips at lostwithliv.com (shamless self promotion).


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