10 Ghastly Halloween Events Around the World

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Spooky, mysterious and downright epic Halloween events

The Halloween holiday comes with some of the best fall memories one could ask for. From trick-or-treating as a kid to growing up and putting on a costume while indulging heavily in adult beverages, Halloween events are a a staple in the long list of holiday parties. The last day of October is a night you are going to want to take off from work. Find out why in Rad Season’s top 10 Halloween festivals around the world.

1. Suwannee Hulaween

Spookiest campout of a lifetime..

The eery moss-draped forestry of Live Oak, Florida calls home to America’s premiere music and camping festival on Halloween weekend. Hosted by The String Cheese Incident, Suwannee Hulaween delivers an extravagant entertainment venue filled with art installations, inspiring light shows and performing arts on the forest waterfront. Engage all five senses at Spirit Lake where top-notch sculptures, fire and metal workers and incredible painters dazzle your imagination. Dress up in your wildest costumes and join the epic dance party which takes places across five performance stages.

Dates: Halloween Weekend
Location: Live Oak, Florida

2. Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

It could be your last time boarding a cruise ship..

Docked off the breezy California coast in Long Beach, the world-famous Queen Mary cruise liner is setup for your Halloween viewing pleasure. Take a walk through six haunted mazes with over 200 ghosts and monsters chomping at the bit to scare you. Live entertainment, great food and plenty of drinks await those who attend. There have even been sightings of spirits that actually haunt the ship!

Dates: Entire month of October
Location: Long Beach, CA

3. Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival

Photo credit: Derry Halloween

No costume, no service..

The Irish take several things seriously. Their culture, whiskey and Halloween events are just a few that can be named. Over 50,000 take to the streets on Oct. 31 donning homemade costumes as they party under the firework sky in a carnival parade. Make sure you are dressed up otherwise pubs will not serve you beer. It’s that serious.

Dates: Last weekend of October
Location: Derry, Ireland

4. Knott’s Scary Farm

160 acres of horror..

Usually known as one of America’s best theme parks throughout the year, Knott’s Berry Farm turns into a horrifying realm containing over 13 mazes, 4 scare zones and 1,000 monsters. Get unending nightmares in 2019 from the sinister shows and brand new Trapped maze with no escape.

Dates: Month of October
Location: Buena Park, CA

5. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

A creepy horror land..

Hollywood really outdoes itself during the month of Halloween. Movie sets come alive with haunted renditions that are sure to make your voice hoarse from all the screaming. Step inside the Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze or the Walking Dead tram and get chased by endless amounts of zombies. Dozens of shows, rides and scare zones await for those who dare to enter at Halloween Horror Nights.

Dates: Month of October
Location: Los Angeles, CA

6. Fet Gede – Haiti

A true celebration of the dead..

Fet Gede means “Festival of the Ancestors” and is a Voodoo holiday celebrated by several Haitian communities. The event occurs as a feast in honor of the the spirits that surround us (gede). Visits to cemeteries with offerings make for a spooky vibe throughout the country during the Halloween celebration.

Dates: Nov. 2
Location: Haiti

7. Village Halloween Parade – New York, NY

Photo Credit: New York City Halloween Parade

The big city just went to the dark side..

Greenwich Village is the place to be for New York’s Halloween day-time parade that goes well into the night. Creepily creative costumes showcase the city’s show with a lineup of puppets, bands and plenty of zombies. The best part is that anyone can participate as long as you are dressed appropriately. March down Sixth Ave. to get a shot at being on live T.V.!

Dates: October 31
Location: New York, NY

8. Day of the Dead – Oaxaca, Mexico

A Hispanic spiritual journey..

The world famous Dia de los Muertos takes place every year in Oaxaca, Mexico as well as the rest of the country. Tourists flock to the city center for a true Day of the Dead experience filled with creative holiday markets, music parades and street parties. Although it looks spooky, the holiday brings plenty of optimism as families gather to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Dates: Nov. 1-2
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

9. Hungry Ghost Festival: Hong Kong, China

Make sure to please the roaming souls of the earth..

This month-long Halloween extravaganza is conducted as a celebration of the souls of the dead and their return to the earth. Do not forget to give offerings or ignore them unless you want mischief to reign upon the Chiu Chow community. One popular site is the burning of incense sticks and sprawled out offerings across the pavement.

Dates: Month of October
Location: Hong Kong, China

10. Halloween Events in New Orleans

For the love of voodoo..

Honestly, what doesn’t NOLA have? From the debauchery of Mardi Gras, to the unlimited amount of bars to crawl in and out of, New Orleans has something for every part of the year. It’s no surprise that Halloween in the bayou is a big, black, boozy affair filled with incredible decorations, extreme costumes and stupid amounts of drinking. The cool part is that all proceeds go to Project Lazarus which is an organization that helps those with HIV/AIDS. All of it is topped off by the incredibly epic Voodoo Music Festival.

Dates: Last half of October
Location: New Orleans, LA

Bonus Halloween Events – The London Dungeon

Dishin’ out panic attacks since ‘76..

Take a stroll, if you dare, through this completely interactive experience that leaves you face-to-face with London’s gritty past. Prepare yourself to get spooked out by Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper and enactments of the Black Plague at the London Dungeon. Enter this screamfest for a night filled with three scary rides, 14 shows and an oh-so terrifying experience.

Dates: Open Year Round
Location: London, England

Feature image credit: Halloween Horror Nights
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